The Robotturn® Challenge


Your market in the metalworking industry has changed significantly in recent years.

Your customers are more demanding than even before. They expect you to supply at cheaper prices, but they also demand smaller series and faster delivery times. At the same time, you must deal with rising labour costs, more competitors and a lack of CNC operators.

To counter this difficult market evolution Robotturn® offers you an affordable high effective solution : “flexy cell”.

Automated turning centers

Bar feeders, bar loaders, parts catchers, parts conveyors, overhead gantry loaders / unloaders, and integrated milling functions are all examples of turning center or CNC lathe automation.  Each of these technologies serves to eliminate, reduce, or limit the amount of human intervention thus improving spindle efficiency (or increasing up-time), reducing operator error which reduces scrap while improving production rates and operator safety.  Ultimately, this reduces cost/finish part.  There are a number of 3rd party suppliers for these technologies, but just like with all automation, that which is inherent to the design or built in by the machine tool OEM is the preferred choice.

Designed and engineered in Europe,Robotturn turning centers are ranked among the world leaders in automated turning centers.  Equipped with single spindle and/or lineair or standard turret with and without live tools, Robotturn's high speed slides and integrated high speed gantry loaders and unloaders make it one of the fasted most efficient turning centers on the market today.The Robotturn solution includes significant application support by our applications engineers.  Robotturn will design and customize an automated turning solution around your application that meets or exceeds your production, accuracy, and cost/finish part requirements.