Premium Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnace


Are you looking for the most cost effective, highly efficient and Eco-friendly furnace?

Our Profitherm PRO-III-AL furnaces have the capability to melt pre-alloyed ingots and foundry returns and additional continuous melting and blending with machining chips. The combined melting process will provide clean quality molten metal on demand for casting cells, with very low metal loss and with the correct temperature uniformity and alloy composition always.

We offer a new concept in energy efficient melting and holding with material saving technology that pays-off your investment within ONE year.

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency and metal yield
  • Energy savings till 70% compared to standard furnaces
  • < 1% melt Loss
  • Tapped temperature control to +/-6°C
  • Highest metal quality with much lower gas inclusion levels
  • Highest level of pureness, all dirt inclusions stay in the melting oven
  • Mass volume melting technology brought beside your die casting machine
  • Immediately re-melting of scrap
  • The new industry standard for aluminium melting/holding for die casters

With energy costs continuing to increase, thermal performance is rapidly becoming the most critical operating parameter for furnaces.

By using the latest energy saving TECHNIQUES, we obtain compare to standard furnaces we can bring down youR energy cost with 30 to 70%

The potential for energy and cost savings suggested by the Computer modelling simulations has been confirmed in foundry trials and show that our Profitherm PRO-III-AL furnaces offer significant energy savings and reductions in CO emissions compared to conventional furnaces.

This is why our developers are constantly working on new cost-saving technologies. For example, a holistic analysis of furnace body, fire-proof lining and burner design allowed the efficiency of the Profitherm PRO-III-AL to be improved even further. Reduced energy consumption, maximum material yield, low wear, simplified lining concept: the Profitherm product line offers unique advantages for efficient production.


Saving till 70% of your Energy

Aluminium losses reduced from 3-8% to less than 1%

Drastic reduction of metal Loss

An extra 3-5% savings on melt losses guarantee you an annual material saving of 60.000 to 100.000, Euro for every 1000 Ton produced.

The most important factor leading to increased costs in liquid aluminum manufacturing is metal loss in the melting process. According to tests in real foundry environments, our newly designed furnaces can melt over 99% of raw material into liquid metal during the casting process where the industry average is 93-97%


Profitherm PRO-III-AL Series

Model 100/500 150/500 200/600 250/900 350/1050 500/1500
Melting capacity (KG / H) 100 150 200 250 350 500
Retention capacity (KG) 500 500 600 900 1050 1500
Combustion management            
Melting burner (Kcal / h) 120 000 120 000 150 000 200 000 200 000 300 000
Holding burner (Kcal / h) 120 000 120 000 150 000 200 000 200 000 300 000
Control mode            
3 measurement points PID-OFF interlock control            
Gas flow rate (m 3 / H) 30 30 30 40 50 60
Supply parameters            
Gas pressure (Kpa) 5<>7          
Compressed air pressure (Mpa) 0.5          
Molten Aluminum Temperature Accuracy ± 5 ℃ ± 5 ℃ ± 5 ℃ ± 5 ℃ ± 5 ℃ ± 5 ℃
Aluminum material burning rate <1.5% <1.5% <1.5% <1.5% <1.5% <1.5%

Reduce your energy costs in die casting processes, protect your valuable resources and improve your carbon footprint.

The need to match global production costs is one priority for die-casters; the requirement to control and reduce their environmental impact is another one, and the two are not always compatible.

Combining this two targets on an optimal way, that is the promise we make with the  introduction of ours new Green Line energy-efficient diecasting furnaces.

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