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PhotonWeld Series: PhotonWeld © - NEXT GENERATION OF LASER WELDING

Real Portable Laser Welding Machines - Lightweight - Air Cooled - Compact - ecological correct - Sustainable - Big Economical Savings

Rethinking Welding for a Sustainable Future

Currently, the metal welding sector accounts also for of part of global carbon emissions.

According to experts, this number is expected to increase dramatically by 2030, which leaves a clear incentive for the industry to deliver significant reductions in emissions in the years to come. 
With our New PhotonWeld© High Efficient Laser Welding Machine with the revolutionary EcolEner® Energy Saving Technology based on 976nm pumping Technology, we are able to increase the Wall Plug Efficiency to levels over 42% (WPE).

This results in a 40 % higher efficient use of the electricity and an energy consumption reduction till 30% compared to normal laser welding machines.

Lasermach LFWW-Serien: WOBBLE-3

Der Killer des Elektroschweißens und Argonlichtbogenschweißens

Erschwingliche gute Faserlaser-Schweißmaschine

Die beste Faserlaser-Schweißmaschine auf dem Markt

Wobble6-PRO+: Intelligent LaserWelding System

Unique Double Wobble Welding Gun Design with double protection

The Intelligent Laser Welding  System is specially developed for complex and High-Tech handheld laser welding applications. Really simple and easy to operate, no technical knowledge required.  It is a multi-functional application system, which is able to control the laser power, frequency, and it has a variety of welding functions (dot, Line, circle, zigzag, ...), suitable for spot welding scenes and seam welding, the beam can be dithered with a width of 0,2-4mm, suitable for welding with complex, High-Tech and irregular workpiece. Simple works ids also done faster!

Wobble6-PRO+ - Intelligent double Wobble handheld fiber laser welding machines

Programmable 2 axis High Tech Wobbling Welding Torch SIX wobble welding modes with adjustable width (0-4mm)

High frequency servo axis Handheld intelligent Laser Welding Machine

ONE MACHINE with FOUR functions 

Welding without wire infeed 

Welding with wire infeed

Laser Cutting metal

Laser cleaning welded seams



High Frequency Wobbling speed digital programmable

simple operations adjustable from touch screen

Wobble width can adjusted 0 - 5mm.


Your VERY best choice for metal working


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Wobble+ = Four different Laser functions : Welding without wire feed - Welding with wire feed - Cutting - Cleaning

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Wir haben das beste handgehaltene Faserlaser-Schweißgerät auf dem Markt zu SEHR erschwinglichen Preisen!

Fiber laser wobble welding samples

fiber laser welding by hand

Muster unserer Wobble-3 Handfaserlaser-Schweißmaschine

Die beste Schweißlösung auf dem Markt: Faserlaserschweißen