Did you know that 90% of all finished manufactured products contain at least one metal casting? Metal castings are very important to the global economy and while each die casting manufacturer follows strict alloy standards, alloy names vary slightly across the world. So whether you’re a high-tech start-up from California, an automotive OEM from China or a Major european Automotive subcontractor, we’ve created this table to help you classify international equivalents for zinc, aluminum, and magnesium die casting alloys.

International Aluminum Die Cast Alloy Equivalents

A380 (ASTM B85)46500 (EN1706)LM24 (BS1490)ADC10 (JIS5302)
383 (ASTM B85)46000/46100 (EN1706)LM2 (BS1490)ADC12 (JIS5302)
390 (ASTM B85)--ADC14 (JIS5302)
A413 (ASTM B85)44300 (EN1706)LM20 (BS1490)ADC1 (JIS5302)
413 (ASTM B85)47100 (EN1706)LM20 (BS1490)ADC1 (JIS5302)
A360 (ASTM B85)43400 (EN1706)LM9 (BS1490)ADC3 (JIS5302)

International Zinc Die Cast Alloy Equivalents

Zamak 2 (ASTM B86)ZP2 (EN12844)ZL2 (BS EN1774)-
Zamak 3 (ASTM B86)ZP3 (EN12844)ZL3 (BS EN1774)ZDC2 (JIS5301)
Zamak 5 (ASTM B86)ZP5 (EN12844)ZL5 (BS EN1774)ZDC1 (JIS5301)
Zamak 7 (ASTM B86)-ZL7 (BS EN1774)-
ZA8 (ASTM B86)ZP8 (EN12844)ZA8 (BS EN1774)-
ZA27 (ASTM B86)ZP27 (EN12844)ZA27 (BS EN1774)-
ACuZinc5 (ASTM B894)---

International Magnesium Die Cast Alloy Equivalents

AZ91D (ASTMBG4)MC21121 (EN1753) MDI1D (JIS2222)