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The universal shipbuilding press with 3 functions in one

PSBP-Pro portal presses are the most common type of Pressmach shipbuilding presses. The presses are suitable for bending, spot stretching and form- and stretch-rolling by means of optional rolling units. The Pressmach P-SBP-Pro series Presses range from 1500 kN up to 30000 kN.

From this model have been installed almost 50 units worldwide in every major shipyard.

The presses work with and without crane manipulator(opt)and come with the rotary table being adjustable by motor. They can optional be transformed into roll presses in just a few steps.

This combination of three functions makes the press extremely universal to produce two and three-dimensional shaped panels.

Due to the flexible handling of upper and lower dies in combination with an optional crane-controlled manipulation of the work pieces, the most different forming procedures can be executed on the machine.

  • Pressing
  • Spinning
  • rolling
  • stretching
  • levelling
  • bending
  • lifting

The innovative and flexible manufacturing procedure for ship plates and similar segments is perfectly suitable for any shipyard production facility and especially also for suppliers for shipyards.


PSBP-Pro Shipbuilding Press series

PSBP-Pro Press series, is the line of Pressmach presses able to meet a number of needs in metal forming, levelling, bending, curving and 3D modelling. PSBP-Pro series models are portal presses, universal and versatile machines featuring by a master cylinder which may be equipped with various tools for 3D forming of sheet metal and profiles. 

The exclusive structural design and innovative electronic and hydraulic control assure a sturdy, stable shipbuilding press, precise in positioning and reliable over time. 

Our 3D PSBP-Pro forming presses are available with different capacities (from 150 to over 6000 tonnes) and different sizes (from 2 up to 12 m gap between uprights). In addition, for creating an automatic cycle, the machines in the range may be integrated with controlled crane handling systems.

Special for double curved hull panels

Pressmach's shipbuilding presses of the P-SBP-Pro series are extremely well outfitted to produce both single- and so called "double curved hull panels". Double curved hull panels form about 20% of an average ship's hull.

The production of double curved hull panels, like bulbous, saddle and twisted shapes, is a major challenge for many Shipyards. Market demands require shorter production time, accurate and controlled shapes, maintaining the material properties and cost price reduction. Pressmach developed the cold forming technology and her SBP series shipbuilding presses, which are using the keen combination of bending and stretching in one single press.

The PSBP-Pro presses can produce single curved panels and double curved panels. Both type of panels can be produced with one PSBP-Pro press.  For the developable panels the press is used only in combination with the standard bending tools. However, for the double curved panels, the so called non-developable panels, the operator will have to use the combination of the bending tools and the optional stretching roll-tools. This optional rolling-stretching tool will generate the required elongation and together with the bending tools the required shape is achieved in a very efficient way.

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