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Lasermach LFWW-Series: WOBBLE+-Series

The killer of electric welding and argon arc welding

Wobble6-PRO+: Affordable GOOD fiber laser Welding Machine

The best fiber laser Welding machine in the market

Wobble6-PRO+: Intelligent LaserWelding System

Unique Double Wobble Welding Gun Design with double protection

The Intelligent Laser Welding  System is specially developed for complex and High-Tech handheld laser welding applications. Really simple and easy to operate, no technical knowledge required.  It is a multi-functional application system, which is able to control the laser power, frequency, and it has a variety of welding functions (dot, Line, circle, zigzag, ...), suitable for spot welding scenes and seam welding, the beam can be dithered with a width of 0,2-4mm, suitable for welding with complex, High-Tech and irregular workpiece. Simple works ids also done faster!

Wobble6-PRO+ - Intelligent double Wobble handheld fiber laser welding machines

Programmable 2 axis High Tech Wobbling Welding Torch SIX wobble welding modes with adjustable width (0-4mm)

Dual axis Handheld intelligent Laser Welding Machine

ONE MACHINE with FOUR functions 

Welding without wire infeed 

Welding with wire infeed

Laser Cutting metal

Laser cleaning welded seams



6 Wobbling modes digital programmable

simple operations adjustable from touch screen

Wobble width can adjusted 0 - 5mm.


Your VERY best choice for metal working


GOto Wobble-4+

Wobble4+ = Four different Laser functions : Welding without wire feed - Welding with wire feed - Cutting - Cleaning

Click on picture to see details

We have the best handheld fiber-laser welding machine in the market at VERY affordable prices!

Fiber laser wobble welding samples

fiber laser welding by hand

Samples of our Wobble-3 handheld fiber laser Welding machine

The best Welding solution in the market : Fiber laser welding